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Khubulov Valeriy
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Valeriy Khubulov (Khubulty)  


Outstanding South Ossetian public figure and hero  


Valeriy Khubulov was born in 1966 in Tskhinval, South Ossetia. In 1990 he graduated from South Ossetian teacher's training institute (University) specializing in physics and math. That year he became the president of the “FARN” Youth Centre. In 1991 he was elected the First Secretary of the South Ossetian Komsomol and member of the Central Committee of Soviet Komsomol (a huge and powerful communist youth organization). 

From the first day of Georgian aggression V.Khubulov was one of the most intrepid and brave defenders of South Ossetia. Being a brilliant leader and organizer, he tried hard to consolidate all groups of the defense and benefited to repulse the invaders. 

In 1992 he participated in the signing of the Sochi Peace Agreement. Starting from Dagomys, Khubulov took part in all Mixed Control Committee meetings.  

Valeriy was a commander of the Ossetian battalion fighting in Abkhazia. He was honored there with the highest Abkhazian award – Leon’s Order. 

In 1993 he initiated the creation of the South Ossetian Defense Ministry and headed it. At the same time V.Khubulov was appointed to the Deputy – Prime Minister of South Ossetia.  


In a short span of time a regular guy from Tskhinvaly became a prominent political and public figure in the Caucasus region. He always tended to find a peaceful resolution for any conflict, in order to save people’s life.  

He always felt responsibility for people and they paid him back with great respect.  

On May 31, 1998 he was killed in a car by unknown professional killers at the Vladikavkaz market place. They opened heavy flat out fire with Kalashnikov machine-guns and then left the scene. Later police found their car blown up in the yard of a neighboring school, but never managed to locate the executers of this crime.  








Valeriy Khubulov lived for the good of Ossetian people and they will always remember him.  


More detailed information at  

http://terrorism.wallst.ru/text0004.htm (in Russian) 



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