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Seven brothers Gazdanovs
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Seven brothers Magomet, Dzarakhmat, Khadzhismel, Makharbek, Sozriko, Schamil, Khasanbek Gazdanovs  

From Dzuarikau (North Ossetia)  

died in the battles of WW2 fighting for freedom and independence.  




If you travel between Vladikavkaz and Alagir, at Dzuarikau you can see an impressive monument with images of the seven cranes flying out above the grieving old lady. This monument was built in 1963 in memory of the seven brothers Gazdanovs, who devoted their life in order to protect our Motherland during the Grate Patriotic War (1941-1945) 

The subject of the monument is based on Rasul Gamzatov's poem "White Cranes." 


Khadzhismel and Magomet were killed near Sevastopol, Dzarakhmat - at Novorossiysk, Khassanbek - in Belorussia, Sozriko - in Kiev, Makharbek - close to Moscow, Shamil - in Berlin, right before the German Nazies capitulation.  


"It is a very brutal war came to our Motherland. But if you would know what kind of people around me fighting the enemy. - Wrote Dzarakhmet home - They will get through any fire and overpower the fascists, even if they have a huge advantage over us..." 



Watch video at: 




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