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Allikkaty Khazby
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Khazby Allikkaty  

Hero of the Ossetian national-liberation movement, 

One of the leaders of the Ossetian resistance against Russian punitive expedition in Koban Gorge in 1831. 




The expedition of general Abkhazov into the Koban Gorge aimed to reassure the unruly Ossetians. Khazby headed a group of insurgents fighting against the troops of General Abkhazovs punitive expedition. Imperial policy of Russian Tsars never met the expectations of the regular mountaineers. They resisted it as always, just like they did prior with any other invaders.  

Khazby and his friends could not be successful. The forces were far from being equal. They all died. But Ossetian people still remember how brave and proud they were, who preferred to die fighting for freedom, than live conquered. People made up a heroic song ballade about them.  

For a long period of time, during the Soviet era, Khazby had being pronounced a nationalistic - bourgeois person. Any mention of him was banned as well as the song and the playwright Khazby by E.Britaev. 

Later on, everything was straightened out. And nowadays we give him due.  



Additional information: 

The playwright "Khazby" by Elbyzdiko Britaev

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