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Tlattaty Chermen
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Chermen Tlattaty  

Folk hero of the anti-feudal movement for the equal rights during the XVIII-XIXth centuries. 


Chermen lived in Koban, North Ossetia. He was one of those people who they called kavdasard a child of the noble man and his concubine. This people usually did not have too many social and economical rights. Being a huge and very strong young man, Chermen declared the war to nobles and with arms protected the rights and dignity of poor people.  


Here is how it was shown in the movie Chermen filmed on Georgia-Film in 1970. 

This historic drama is set in an Ossetian village in the 17th century. 

The film's main hero is Chermen. An illegitimate son, Chermen, is striving to assert his dignity. He is opposed by Dacco, the elder of the Aldar clan, in whose village Chermen lives. Guided by mercenary motives, Dacco strikes a deal with Prince Tsarai. Together, they rob people and then divide the loot between themselves. By some chance, Chermen learns of the deal and informs his friends about it. At first, he thinks that no one in the Aldar village would believe him, the bastard, and that the plot would remain unexposed. But his friends accept the challenge  


But his kindness and unwarranted trustfulness let him down.  

He was foully killed from the back, by the son of one of the nobles.  

But Ossetian people did not forget Chermen. They made up several songs/ballades about him in both parts of Ossetia. This was considered a highest honor based on peoples love and respect. And regardless the centuries past, those songs are still being performed. 




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