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Author of the project OSSETIANS 


I was born and raised in Alagir, North Ossetia, Russia. 

My father Alexander M. Kuchiev (1916 -1983) was an Honored Teacher of Russia and a World War 2 veteran. He met the Nazis in the legendary Brest (Belorussia) on June 22, 1941 - the first day of their invasion into the USSR. In 1942 he returned home, heavily injured, and since that year up to the last day of his life he had been teaching school children for math. He was so dedicated to his job, that we all wondered how he could handle it. We often found him staying up the whole night checking childrens tests and projects. Then early in the morning he would go to school again. He devoted forty three years of his short life to public education. Being some what of a workaholic, he taught us first to be honest and enjoy working for the public good. I loved him very much and after he unexpectedly passed away, I swore to never let him down. 

My mother Eugenia E. Kuchieva always supported him in solving all minor problems and doing other chores. She inherited wisdom, foresight and easement from her farther Enaldiko Lolaev in order to become an excellent general manager of our housekeeping.  

I described my parents to highlight the fact, that all of the achievements in my life were due to their care and proper, Ossetian culture based, upbringing.  

In 1981 I graduated from Gorsky State University, specializing in electrical engineering. Then I worked as a maintenance department manager at a huge plant within the Soviet electronic industry. Later I occupied some similar positions at other plants and public organizations in North Ossetia. 


From 1960s to 1980s I was keen on sports: free stile wrestling, sambo (Russian similarity of judo) and karate. I never achieved big heights in any of them and my best results were far more modest: like winning the North Ossetian Championship in 1982, being third at Free Style Wrestling Pribaltijsky Military District championship and participating in Karate Russian National Championship.  


In 1981-1996 I had being teaching teenagers for karate and self defense. Previously mischievous boys are now all adults with families and kids. In spite of tough situations surrounding them, no one chose any kind of wrongdoing. And I am proud of taking part in upbringing them.  

Time to time I published articles in North Ossetian newspapers and magazines on the theme of saving our unique heritage, language and culture. Nowadays I still consider this concept as the most reliable base for establishing the Ossetian National Idea.  

I did not stay away from Ossetian folk arts and literature either. From 1978 to 1991 I participated in folklore ensembles Atsamaz, Chepena, etc. Money and materialistic values are not all in order to feel happy. There should be a place in our life for things like cultural wealth etc. 

I respect men who act manly and women who act and look womanly. I hope it doesn't sound like a sexist statement.  

The restraint and modesty in conversation are also important for me. For my fellow Ossetians I consider our Farn, Ahdau and Afsarm as the most vital qualities. They could probably only be inherited and hardly obtained.  

I personally knew many of those on whom I am giving the information in this project. Therefore, in some cases I could express my own opinion as well as use other sources. 


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Technical Director of www.ossetians.com  

Administrator of the web sites  

www.iriston.com and http://tabol.nm.ru 


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