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Taymazov Timur
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Taymazov Timur  


Outstanding weightlifter of the 90s. 

Honored Sport Master of Ukraine.  




Weight category 108 kg. 


- Olympic Champion (Atlanta, 1996) 

- Silver medal at Olympic Games in Barcelona (1992) 

- Two time World Champion (1993, 19914) 

- Three time European Champion  


Timur Taymazov was born on September 8, 1970 in Nogir, North Ossetia. He started taking his first weight lifting lessons in a local sport club. The famous brothers, one time world record holders, Felix and Victor Nanievs, became Timurs first coaches. Later on T.Taymazov moved to Ukraine and since than he has represented this country. 


The extremely talented and determined athlete swiftly went forward towards his highest achievements, step by step. He won the European Championship in 1992 and he got the silver medal at the Olympics in Barcelona. In 1993, T. Taymazov won the European Championship in Sophia, and Word Championship in Melbourne. Next year he won the Europian Championship in Czech Republic, and set up two world records. 

That year Timur got gold medals at the World Championship as well, breaking his own world records. 

But the highlight of Taymazovs victorious days in the heavy lifting was the year of 1996. Nobody was able to beat him at Olympics in Atlanta. He won the gold medal, establishing the new world record (Clear & Jerk 236 kg.). 

Timur Taymazov was given the Sign of Honor from the President of Ukraine, and was honored with the Cross For Courage as well. 




As a matter of fact, the Taymazovs family is really unique, even for the people in Ossetia where so many outstanding athletes live. All four brothers were kin for sports (free-style wrestling and weight lifting). The older one, Alan encouraged his young followers to take an interest in sports.  

Later on, Timur reached the highest Olympic and World tops in weight lifting.  

The youngest Taymazov Artur became an Olympic Champion of Athens (2004) and World Champion (2003), competing in free-style wrestling (heavy weigh class). He also won the silver medal at the Olympics in Sydney (2000).  

So, together, the brothers Timur and Artur Taymazov got two gold and two silver Olympic medals at four Olympics in different kinds of sport. These achievements are good enough to be included in the Guinness Book of World Records.  


Here is the song written by E.Morgoev to honor the Timur Taymazov's achievment. (0.73 MB)

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