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Tedeev Elbrus
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Tedeev Elbrus  


Honored Sport Master 

An outstanding free-style wrestling star 


Weight category - 66 kg. 



- Olympic Champion ( Athens, 2004) 

- Three time World Champion (1995,1999,2002) 

- Two time European Champion 

- Bronze medalist at Olympic Games in Atlanta (1996)  








Elbrus Tedeev was born and raised in Nogir, North Ossetia. He started learning wrestling techniques in Vladikaukaz, but then in 1993 well-known trainer Boris Savlokhov convinced him to move to Kiev, Ukraine. Since then he has competed for the National Ukrainian team. After B. Savlokhov unexpectedly died, the head coach of the free-style National Team of Ukraine – Boris’ younger brother Ruslan Savlokhov became E. Tedeev’s trainer.

So far Tedeev has shown his best performance at the last Olympic Games in Athens. On the way to the finals, he overpowered four experienced and well-known wrestlers. The toughest of them was Spiridonov from Kazakhstan. Tedeev attacked him during the match and won with a score of 4-2. Just four hours later he met with the two time Champion of USA Kelly on the mats. That evening  



Tedeev showed an amazing performance. He wrestled creatively, and aggressively as a champion is suppose to do. The whole world watched him. The Greek fans cheerfuly scaned the name of Elbrus Tedeev…

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