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Gabakova Victoria
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Gabakova Victoria  


Honored Sport Master of Russia, a legendary person in the World of Armsport. 

Armwrestler (heavy weight – over 80 kg.) 



- Multiple World Champion (1993 - 2001). 

- Multiple European Champion 

- Winner of many prestigious competitions.  



Vika Gabakova was born on January 1, 1970 in Khumalag, North Ossetia. 

She graduated from North Ossetian State University. 


The distinguished athlete, Victoria Gabakova in ordinary life is a cheerful and social young lady. And few people know that her outstanding powerful hands can also perfectly play the Ossetian accordion and cook famous Ossetian pies.  


At a birthday party in 1998 dancing with Vika the Ossetian “Khonga”, I had a chance to confirm the fact that she is an excellent dancer as well.  

Later on she moved to Kazan, Tatarstan. But she is one of those whom we call “A Real Ossetian”. 


Ruslan Kuchity

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