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Khamitsaev Kazbek
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Khamitsaev Kazbek  


"The Snow Leopard", the founed of the Ossetian mountain climbing sport. 


Khamitsaev mountaineered the peak Korisenevskoy (7105 m.), Lenin's peak (7134 m.), Communism's peak (7495 m.), peak of the Victory (7439 m.) 


Within the international expedition Kazbek Khamitsaev two times (1995, 1997) conquered the highest top in the world - Everest 


Kazbek Hamitsaev born August, 20 1948 in Ahksar village in Ossetia. Graduated from North-Caucasus Minor-Metallurgical Institute in 1974. Graduated from the University in 1977 as journalist. Knows five languages.  



In 1979 - the leader of ascent of virgin top which was named "Olympiad - 80" in honor of the Moscow Olympic Games. 

Since 1986 - the President of Mountaineering Federation of Northern Ossetia. 

In 1988 - member of Soviet-Italian high-altitude expedition "Pamir - 88" (ascent to peak Korzhenevskoj, 7105m.) 

In 1991 was the initiator and the founder of first North-Ossetia Republican climbing club " Kazbek ". 

In 1989, 1990 and in 1992 - the head of the North-Osetiya expeditions to Pamir and Tien Shan where the team has ascended all 7000-ers of the USSR: peak Korzhenevskoj (7105m.), peak Lenin (7134 m.), peak Communism (7495 m.), peak Khan Tengri (7010 m.) and peak Pobeda (7439 m).  

In 1995 and 1997 - the head of 1-st North-Osetian, then Russian scientific Himalaya expeditions, (the team has twice summited Everest (8848 m.). Kazbek has summited Everest on May, 13, 1995. 


Since 1995 worked in Ministry RSO-Alanija on affairs of nationalities and external communications, from 1998 - in Committee RSO-A on resort business and tourism. From 1999 - in Committee RSO-A on trade, resort business, tourism and consumer services, and in 2002 in Committee RSO-Alanija on tourism and resort business as the chief of a department as the vice-president. 

In 1997 - coach of a team of the Russian scientific expedition "Everest - 97". Despite of the extreme climatic conditions, the most complex part of Northern Wall of the Everest - the first rocky bastion - has been climbed. 

According to the American bibliographic institute (Northern Carolina, Contemporary Who ' s Who) Kazbek Khamitsaev has been awarded with a rank " the Person of year " in 2002 

Chairman of the Commission on preparation of International class mountain guides of the international class of Russian Mountaineering Federation  

Has Government awards; a rank «The Honoured worker of physical training of North Ossetia ". 1990; a medal " In glory of Ossetia ", 1995; " of Courage ", 1997; " Order of Friendship " 1995 

Married. Three children. 



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