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Enaldiev Aslanbek
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Enaldiev Aslanbek  



Distinguished weightlifter and armwrestler (heavy weight). 

Honored Sport Master of Russia. 

Honored Trainer of Russia. 





He was one of the strongest men in the world in the 1970's. 


Silver medalist at World and European Championships (Shtutgart,1977), Champion of USSR (1977), four time USSR Cup winner in weight lifting, competing in the most prestigious heavy weight category. During those years only the legendary Vasiliy Alekseev was ahead of him. 

Aslanbek was born in Kosta, North Ossetia, and began learning weight lifting skills late - when he was about to graduate from University. But for the short time due to his talent and hardwork, Enaldiev reached distinguished results at the highest level World competitions: Snatch -190 kg., Clear & Jerk - 250 kg.  





Later on, after he quit weight lifting Enaldiev continued to compete in armwrestling as well as to teach the Ossetian athletes. Despite the fact that Aslanbek was well over his 40's, he won several medals at the Arm Sport World and European Championships. As a trainer he also contributed a lot in establishing an Arm Sport prominent Centre in Vladikavkaz. 






Aslanbek Enaldiev and Vasiliy Alekseev. Two strongest men in the world in 1970-1980th.  




In just a short amount of time, this sport became one of the most favored in Ossetia. More than 20 Ossetians won World and European Championships.  

Regina Enaldieva, an older daughter of Aslanbek, is one of them. She is a seven time World Champion in this kind of sport. 

Her sister, 16 years Anzhela tries hard to follow in her foot steps and has already achieved great accomplishments.  



Aslanbek and Regina Enaldievs.

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