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Bogiev Vadim
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Bogiev Vadim  



A prominent free-style wrestler.  

Honored Sport Master of Russia. 

Weight class – 68 kg. 



- Olympic Champion (Atlanta, 1996) 

- Silver medal at the World Championship (1993) 

- Three time European Champion (1994-1996) 

- World Cup winner (1992) 

- Winner of the Russian National Championships and  

Grand Prix tournaments.  


Vadim Bogiev was honored with the “Order of Friendship”(1997).  

Trainers – Timur Sanakoev and Anatoly Margiev. 

After winning the Olympic gold medal, at the age of 26, V.Bogiev decided to retire. 






Some interesting information.  


In Atlanta, where Vadim Bogiev became Olympic Champion, there was another distinguished athlete, who also won the gold medal. Kakhi Kakhiashvili (moving to Greece he changed his name for Akakios Kakisvilis), an ethnic Georgian, one of the world’s best weight lifters in a recent history, represented Greece. He is three time Olympic and six time World Champion, a holder of many world records..  

But few people know that Vadim Bogiev and Kakhi Kakhiashvili were classmates, and good friends. They were born in Tskhinvali, South Ossetia, went to school #6, and set at the same desk.  

Who could imagine at the time that those smart boys would both become Olympic Champions in different kinds of sport? 








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