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Karaev Georgiy
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Georgiy Karaev  

(1891 -?)  

Major-general, WW1 and WW2 veteran 


G.Karaev was born in Petergoff. His father - Nikolay, was a hero of Serbian-Turkish and Russian-Turkish wars, honored with 17 orders of Russia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania.  

In 1912 Georgiy graduated from Pavlovskoe Military School. In 1914 he went to WW 1. Later on he was wounded.  

After the October 1917 Revolution took place G.Karaev joined the Red Army and fought against troops of Admiral Kolchak, generals Wrangel and Judenich.  

From 1925 to 1932 he served his military service as a Stuff Commander within the Higher Political Military School of Anti-Aircraft Forces. Since then and up to 1965, when G.Karaev retired he taught cadets in other Military Schools.  

As an excellent military historian and a writer, general Karaev published several well-known books.  

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