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Dzilikhov Mikhail
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Mikhail Dzilikhov  


Major-general, WW2 veteran 


M.Dzilikhov was born in Alagir, North Ossetia. 

In 1938 he entered the Ordhonikidze Infantry Military School. After graduating he was left tin School as a commander of the students platoon. 

In 1942 he went to front along with his platoon. They went together through the many bloody battles. In one of them Dzilikhov was wounded. After recovering he returned back to his regiment and fought at Stalingrad Front. In May 1943 captain Dzilikhov was seriously wounded again. Later on he was directed to Infantry School to teach the young cadets. But in 1944 he is back to front. As an infantry regiment’s commander he is taking part in liberation of Polish cities Radom, Lodz and many others. Then he participated in forced a crossing over Oder River, south of Berlin.  

In all the battles Mikhail Dzilikhov showed courage and heroism. He was honored with several orders and nine medals. There was a book, published in East Germany in 1983, written about the 27 years old Hailigestadt military mayor Dzilikhov. 

After the war was over he continued his service as a division commander in Transcaucasian Military District.  

Mikhail’s younger brother Aslambek also fought Nazis with courage and heroism during the WW2. 


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