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Rambler's Top100 Индекс цитирования

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Kurtatinsky Valey and Tsey

Kurtaty Valley

From Dzurikau to Kharisdzhyn

Kussov Elmurza


Kussov Inal

Lieutenant-general, a Russian-Turkish War hero.

Laliev Gennady

A prominent free-style wrstler. 

Silver and bronze medalist at the Olympic Games (2000, 2004).

Leçons géorgiennes

Le vendredi 15 août 2008. (in French)

Live Ossetian speech

Audio files in MP3 format.

Living on the edge: An American voice in South Ossetia

08 August, 2009, 11:04

Lolaev Arnold


Looking for somebody in Ossetia?

We can probably help you.


Roy Banks

Magometov Bek

Third degree State Counselor

Makoev Alikhan

Hero of the Soviet Union

Makoev Gocha

Free-style wrestling World Cup Champion (1990)

Mamsurov (Mamsyraty) Temirbolat

The first professional Ossetian poet

Mamsurov (Mansurov) Boris

Major-general, Warld War 2 veteran

Mamsurov Khadzi-Umar

Colonel-general, Hero of the Soviet Union, one of the key 

commanders of the Soviet military intelligence service.

Mamsurov Konstantin


Mamsurov Taymuraz

Head of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania

Mamsurov Yuri

Colonel-general, Warl War 2 veteran

Mansurov Dmitriy

Third degree Police commissar, a former Tadzhiklistan Police Department chief

Maria Alanskaia

The Grand Duchess of Vladimir-Suzdal Russia

Medoev Daukui

Holder of the St.George Cross (all degrees).

Medvedev: Russia's top priority in S.Ossetia war was to defend our citizens, interests


Mildzikhov Khadzhimurza

Hero of the Soviet Union

Mistulov Elmurza

Lieutenant-general, a Russian-Japanese War and World War 1 hero

Modern Ossetian songs


Morgoev Bek

Hero of the Soviet Union

Mountain resort Tsey

Views of the Tsey Gorge and the skiing lodge


Look how courageous is the Georgian president.

Musulbes David

Dominant free-style wrestling star. 

Olympic Champion (2000, Sydney).

Muzashvili Nikolay

Runner-up at the free-style wrestling World Championship (1954)

NEW. Seagal Visits Beslan School

Ria Novosti

Naniev Felix

Weightlifting World and European record holder

Naniev Piotr

Free-style wrestling World Champion

Naniev Victor

Two time weightlifting World record holder

Nart Sagas

Nicaragua joins Russia in recognizing South Ossetia, Abkhazia

Wed, 03 Sep 2008 15:24:58 GMT

Normas de comportamiento tradicionales osetinas (en español)

Traducido por Ricardo Pazos


by M.M.Bliev, R.S.Bzarov


From free Wikipedia

Ogoev Sozriko

Lieutenant-general, World War 2 veteran

Ogoev Uruzmag


Os Bagatar

Alanian commander–in–chief

Osetya’da sofra kulturu

Ossetian Table Etiquette (in Turkish)

Ossetia and Ossetians

Ossetia's Golden Voices (new)

Records of 1970-1990th

Ossetian - English phrase-book

Based on “Ossetian-Russian-English phrase-book” by Zinaida Tedtoeva and Aina Dzhioeva

Ossetian Latin alphabet

Was officially used in Ossetia in 1920-1930

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Outstanding Ossetians