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Rambler's Top100 Индекс цитирования

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Five brothers Basaevs

Five brothers Biasovs

Five brothers Bolloevs

Five brothers Digurovs

Five brothers Dzeboevs

Five brothers Dzoblaevs

Five brothers Gabisovs

Five brothers Gurievs

Five brothers Kalagovs

Five brothers Kessaevs

Five brothers Seoevs

Five brothers Takhokhovs

Five brothers Tokaevs

Five brothers Turgievs

Five brothers Vazagovs


Or Ossetian shish kebab

Fraev Soslan

Free-style wrestling European Champion (1994)

From Scythia to Camelot

Chapter 1

From Scythia to Camelot (foreword)

By John Colarusso

G2a1a persons with origins in the Caucasus Mountains region

Gabakova Victoria

Armwrestling multiple World, European and Russian National Champion (from 1993 to 2001).

Gabaraev Boris

General Manager of NIKIET

Gabaraev Sergey

Outstanding free-style and sambo wrestler.

Gabuev Georgy

Significant scientist, spesializing in metallurgy.

Gabueva Angelina

Young and talented tennis player (lives in USA)

Gabueva Luiza

Armwrestling three time World Champion

Gagiev Aleksander

Hero of the Soviet Union

Gagkaev Alikhan

Hero of the Soviet Union

Gajtov Issay

Major-general, Balkan War hero

Galaty Boris

Soviet composer and musical conductor

Gatagov Soslanbek

Major-general of Military Medical Service

Gatsalov Khadzhimurat

A dominant athlete of the world free-style wrestling’s new generation. 

Olympic and World Champion.

Gatsolaev Victor

Lieutenant-general, WW2 veteran

Gazdanov Eldzariko

Holder of all four degrees of the St.George's Cross.

Gazdanova Aurora

The first Ossetian ballerina.

Gazzaev Valeriy

One of the best Soviet football players of 1970-1980. 

Honored Trainer of Russia.

Georgia Lags in Its Bid to Fix Army

NY Times. December 17, 2008.  


Georgia's fine, lofty, useless strategy

George Hewitt.  

The Guardian, 24.02.2010

Georgia's shameful attack on South Ossetia

Los Angeles Times, November 17,2008.

Georgian aggression: chronology of war

September 14, 2008.

Gergiev Valerii

One of the most outstanding musical figures of our time. 

Artistic & General Director of the Mariinsky Theatre

Gioev Mairbek

Armwrestling multiple World and European Champion

Gizikova Inessa

Bronze medal at the Callisthenics World Championship (1994). 

Russian National Champion

Gizikova Zarina

Callisthenics overall Russian National Champion. 

European Champion (2003)

Gizoev Vitaliy

Two time free-style wrestling World Cup Champion (1992, 1993).

Gokinaev Victor


Gozyumov Khetag

Free style World and European Champion, 2008, 2012 Olympic bronze medalist.

Guchmazov Soslanbek


Gudzow (Gudsov) Agube

Well-known Ossetian circus equestrian star of the beginning of XX century.

Gukaev Dmitri (Dzarahmat)

Holder of the St.George cross (all degrees)

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