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Rambler's Top100 Индекс цитирования

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Bestaeva Tatyana

The National Actress of Russia.

Betejev Valentine


Bibilury Pavel


Bicherakhov Georgy

Well-known public figure and counter-revolutionary in 1917-1922

Bicherakhov Lazar

Major-general in Russian army, lieutenant-general in British army

Bigaev Boris

Free-style wrestling European Champion (1978)

Bigulov Alexander

State Justice Counselor of the Second Degree.

Bilaonov Pavel

Lieutenant-general, Hero of the Soviet Union

Billaty Balo

Public figure

Biragov (Birahty) Kosta

National Artist of Russia

Bitarova (Naskidashvili) Tereza

Former President of Ossetian Association in France.

Bitsaev Sergey

Hero of the Soviet Union

Bogiev Vadim

Free-style wrestling Olympic Champion of Atlanta (1996)

Bolataev Vladimir

Armwrestling multiple World and European Champion

Bolloev Taimuraz

One of the most successful and dominant Russian businessmen.

Bolloeva Dzerassa

Armwrestling four time World Champion

Boradzov brothers, Soslan and Batraz

Japanese Professional Sumo Premier Division's wrestlers

Boraev (Bora) Vadim

Artist (USA)

Borukaev Alexander

Major-general, a hero of World War 1

Borukaev Boris


The Stuff Commander of the Internal Ministry Forces

Borukaev Chermen

Professor, corresponding member of the  

Russian Academy of Science

Borukaev Ramazan

Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical science, professor.

Bravo Fox News! Well done.

The witnesses talk on Fox News live

Britaev Khadzhimurat

Major-general, WW2 veteran

Butaev Georgiy

Hero of the Soviet Union

Butaeva Fatima

Phisicist, The USSR State Prize Winner

Bzaev Yuri

Major-general of FSB

Bzarov Georgiy

Hero of the Soviet Union

Chadarzev (Khadartsaty) Elbrus

One of the first editors of Radio Liberty's North Caucasian Service

Cherchesov Alan

A contemporary Russian Ossetian writer.

Cherchessov Stanislav

One of the best football (soccer) goalkeepers in the former USSR and Russia

Chertkoev Guram

Sambo wrestling World Champion

Chochiev Vasiliy

Hero of the Soviet Union

Chochieva Zlata

Outstanding world class pianist

Chochishvili Shota

The first Soviet judo Olympic Champion (1972)

Chronicle of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict: Fact sheet

Brief overview

Corporeal heritage of Alans and Ossetians/ Herencia corpórea de alanos y osetas.

In English and Spanish languages




Very simple and tasty

Datiev Dzambolat

Major-general, a WW 1 hero

Datiev Inus


David Soslan

Ossetian Prince, military commander, Georgian Tsarina (Queen) Tamara's husband.

Dedekkaev Kazbek (I)

Honored trainer of Russia.

Diamonds scattering on Alanian stave

Oksana Likhacheva, Komsomolskaya Pravda

Doesn't this concern you?

Doev David

Hero of the Soviet Union

Don't pick a fight you can't finish, Mr Miliband

THE TIMES, August 26, 8:37

Draev Ilia

Honored Trainer of the USSR

Dudaev Alan

Free-style wrestling World Champion ( 2005)

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